Cobie, Twitter personality

Cobie, Twitter personality

Cobie is a well-known anonymous character on cryptocurrency Twitter and in the larger crypto community. He formerly used the Twitter account and name "Crypto Cobain," but changed them in 2021.
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Entrepreneur and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Personal Brand Presence9 / 10
Authoritativeness7 / 10
Expertise9 / 10
Influence9 / 10
Overall Rating9 / 10

A small percentage of users in the cryptocurrency sector utilize pseudonyms; this practice dates back to the inception of the sector, when Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the Bitcoin creators, used one. Cobie spent some time working on client growth for Monzo, an organization with an emphasis on banking, under his true name of Jordan Fish. Fish has experience working at several businesses in addition to his background as a professional musician.

Cobie shares a lot of information on Twitter, offering opinions that are frequently laced with humor. Cobie is well-versed in the cryptocurrency sector. On Twitter, he has garnered more than 500,000 followers and displays the rare blue verification tick. Cobie tweets, blogs, and co-hosts a podcast called UpOnly: Chats with Crypto Experts in addition to using Twitter.

In 2022


Cobie’s 2022 might resemble how his year unfolded in 2021 in many ways, with the inclusion of his blog, which he added in the midst of the previous year. The source of Cobie’s information and activity in 2022 might reasonably remain his Twitter feed, as it appeared to be in 2021. Will Cobie reach one million followers on Twitter in 2022? His comments on the platform, which is anticipated to be just as eloquent and acerbic as always, will probably continue to be inspired by cryptocurrency and global events.

With Cobie as a co-host, the UpOnly podcast also seems potential for ongoing content, and the crypto veteran’s blog might serve as the home for further written content. Early in 2022, the UpOnly podcast welcomed Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, as a guest and announced the appearances of numerous more notable crypto players later in the year.

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