OpenAI and DuckDuckGo’s AI assistance Provides Concise Summaries of Wikipedia Pages in response to search queries

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DuckDuckGo is partnering with OpenAI and Anthropic to enhance its Instant Answer feature.

It will pull information from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica to provide a natural language response to your questions.

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DuckDuckGo is planning to enter the field of generative AI. However, it won’t debut with a chatbot. Instead, the company is working with OpenAI and Anthropic to enhance the already available solution Instant Answer. You won’t see ‘DuckAssist‘ with each search, but when it appears, the tool will query Wikipedia (as well as Britannica) for answers to your queries in a natural language style.

This feature is designed to offer professional assistance to users seeking information on a particular topic.

To ensure DuckAssist’s machine learning model doesn’t hallucinate, DuckDuckGo is restricting the source of DuckAssist’s DuckDuckGo is limiting DuckAssist’s sourcing to reduce the likelihood of the feature’s machine learning model ‘hallucinating.’ If you see a magic wand icon, it means Duck Assist can provide you with summary information.

DuckDuckGo says the feature will not be part of the company’s entire DuckDuckGo experience until later. If you use the DuckDuckGo app or browser extension, you don’t have to install anything to get DuckAssist answers. The company wants to collect feedback on the model before enabling it in the coming weeks and months. If you think about privacy, you need not register for DuckAssist and DuckDuckGo will not share any of your personal information with OpenAI and Anthropic. The model will not be trained using the DuckAssist queries.

In the future, users can expect to see more AI-enhanced features from DuckDuckGo. “This is the first in a series of generative AI-assisted features we hope to roll out in the coming months,” Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo, said. “We wanted DuckAssist to be the first because we believe it can quickly help users find the answers to their questions.”

  • OpenAI has launched the Whisper API, a hosted version of the open-source Whisper speech-to-text model. It is an automatic speech recognition system that can perform “robust” speech transcription in various languages as well as language translation for a price of $300. It was trained on 680,000 hours of multi-language and “multitask” data collected from the internet, resulting in improved speech recognition.
  • OpenAI has introduced a ChatGPT app for Slack, the popular workplace messaging app. The app will allow users to receive instant conversation summaries and provide writing assistance to draft messages, meeting notes, or status updates. OpenAI is a longtime Slack customer and has been using the application to accelerate employee productivity, connect with customers, and support business growth.

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