New NFT collection explores photography and poetry

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Nocturne by Sacha Dean Bïyan, with accompanying haiku by Dr. Shunkichi Baba. Source: Rarible.

The first photo-haiku NFT collection is out.

While an NFT can take the form of any media type, we’ve mostly seen images. However, Canadian Photographer Sacha Dean Bïyan teamed up with Japanese poet, Dr. Shunkichi Baba to create a new artistic NFT project—a collection of photographs, each accompanied by a piece of poetry. The collection is entitled Visceral, in reference to Bïyan’s “visceral connection” to Japan.

The first set of this haiku photography NFT collection consists of five photographs, each paired with an original haiku in Japanese and English. The artist believes the poems and the photos capture “the essence of a moment” and believes photos are just like haikus and can together translate the feeling of the moment that the photo encapsulates.

“A friend once told me that Japanese culture dwells in the shadows,” Bïyan wrote in an Instagram post. “Whether it’s tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, gardening or architecture, there’s always a conscious appreciation of subtlety—that which is hidden.”

And these photos are definitely that, highlighting what is missing and unusual in these highly unusual times.

In his works, Bïyan attempted to capture the loneliness and silence of Japanese cities under COVID lockdowns. The shots of Tokyo and Kyoto, places usually associated with hustle and bustle of city life, are quiet, eery, and lonely. The shots show Japan at its most vulnerable, when people are off the streets, at home due to the pandemic.

Nocturne by Sacha Dean Bïyan, with accompanying haiku by Dr. Shunkichi Baba. Source: Rarible.

“This image was shot in Pontocho Alley in Kyoto, which is famous for its bars, restaurants, and teahouses. Normally, itʼs bustling with locals and tourists — and the occasional geisha,” Bïyan said.

The “Visceral” NFT collection is now available on Rarible Marketplace.

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