NBA to Introduce Association NFT

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NBA, the North American National Basketball Association, has introduced the Association NFT collection. The project was revealed on the NBAxNFT Twitter page that was created in March of this year. In addition, NBA has created a Discord channel in order to promote the collection. 

The non-fungible token art is going to feature dynamic images of each player in the 2022 NBA playoffs. The total NFTs are announced to be 18,000, listing 16 teams, 240 players, 75 editions per player. Thrilling feature – the traits of each player are going to change based on his on-court performances and achievements. Progressive traits change if the stat achievement is hit in 1+ games, 3+ games, and 5+ games. 

The NBA collection is going to be free to mint on the official website, only available for the Allow List members. In order to be on the list, the fans have to be among the earliest members of the NBA Discord channel. 

The minting is going to be blind, meaning that the users do not know what precise NFT they are minting, and will only discover what players they got after the reveal. Players will be assigned randomly and transparently using Chailnlink VRF. 

The reveal is scheduled to take place on April 22nd. 

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