Stephen Curry’s NF3 Counter platform rewards fans with free basketball NFTs

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The sports label Under Armour released another NFT collection with the NBA player Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warrior three-point record holder released the NF3 Counter platform, where for every three-pointer during the playoffs, fans can claim three digital basketball NFTs.

One wallet can only obtain one NFT per game, and the acquired basketball is transferred to the owner’s OpenSea and can be listed for secondary sale. The minting is entirely first-come-first-serve. The Ethereum-based NFTs are free to mint, but the claimer pays the gas. 

The project began on May 7, and seven basketballs have been produced so far.

Under Armour collaborated with the NBA star in 2020 to create the “Curry Brand.” It’s the second time that Curry and Under Armour dropped NFTs. In December, they released 2,974 sneaker NFTs that can be worn in the Metaverse. 

The NBA has been going strong with NFTs. In 2020, the NBA partnered with Dapper Labs and released an NFT marketplace app, Top Shot. Last month, it launched 18,000 Ethereum-Based NFTs for the Playoffs, and famous NBA player LeBron James filed for the NFT trademark. The Brooklyn Nets became the first basketball team to stream a match in the Metaverse, offering viewers a 360-degree VR experience.

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