NASA launches a VR challenge to help send astronauts to Mars

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NASA launches a challenge to develop its Metaverse

NASA has launched the MarsXR Challenge. The goal? To use MarsXR, a digital representation of Mars, to prepare astronauts for future missions.

MarsXR is a 400 km² Metaverse model of Mars modeled in Unreal Engine 5. It is, in short, a nearly perfect replica of Mars in virtual form.

The challenge is aimed at gathering together developers that would populate the Metaverse and conduct research within the new virtual reality. The main goal is to achieve realistic XR experiences of life on Mars. 

The contest is divided into 5 categories: Set Up Camp, Scientific Research, Maintenance, Exploration, and “Blow Our Minds.” The four winners of each category will receive $6,000. 

The task for the participants is to develop new assets and scenarios for the Mars XR Operations Support System (XOSS). NASA is going to use the results of the work to create scenarios for particular extravehicular activities (EVA). These are used to test procedures and scheme positions while on Mars. 

Individuals interested in space, technology, and design can now enter the challenge. The total reward is $70,000. It will be shared among 20 individuals, four winners of each five categories. 

The submission deadline is on July 26th, 2022, at 11 PM CEST. 

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