Mobile app rewards users in crypto for working out

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Fitcoin, an app that rewards users for physical activity, made its first public appearance. As users stay on top of their daily exercise goals, the app pays them with cryptocurrency.

The fitness app aims to motivate users to work out and stay healthy. In the official statement, the company explained that obesity, inactivity, and mental health issues affect many people, and the app seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“Fitcoin is much more than an app that rewards you for hitting your fitness goals. We are instilling positive habits and positive lifestyle changes through reward affirmation,” said the CEO of Fitcoin, Andrew Shore.

The Fitcoin ecosystem has tokens for governance ($FIT) and utility ($LIFE). The governance token was launched on Ethereum and doesn’t have any transaction fees. Holders can stake the token for rewards. The utility token is still under development, and it will run on BSC for lower gas fees. $LIFE will be the main currency for the app. $FIT is already listed on CoinMarketCap

American football player Rob Gronkowski promoted the app on social media.

In 2015, an app was available on iOS also called Fitcoin, which rewarded users for working out with Bitcoin. The application was created by Chaotic Moon Studios, which closed down the same year.

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