Metaverse Art Week features exclusive Frida Kahlo artwork

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frida kahlo red house
Frida Kahlo’s Red House in the metaverse

Never-before-seen art of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has been displayed in the metaverse, released by Kahlo’s family. The art collection debuted in an exhibition at the Metaverse Art Week in Decentraland on August 24-28. 

Users appreciated Kahlo’s art and listened to personal anecdotes from the family members inside a digital version of the ‘Red House,’ the real-life private residence of the Kahlo family in Mexico City. 

The virtual Red House was created through a collaboration with the Web3 company Ezel.Life. The house features an immersive experience showcasing the first half of the artist’s life. Each room represents different parts of Frida’s life before her relationship with Mexican painter Diego Rivera. 

“The first 20 years will be represented in this house. It sets up a lot of her struggles and adversities, but also her drive and passion for life; between polio, coming of age, and a major bus accident,” co-founder of Ezel, Luke McFarlane, said

Pedro Cancino, another co-founder of Ezel and a friend of the Kahlos, revealed that the family was initially hesitant to release personal information to the public. The family later realized that through blockchain, there could be an opportunity to tell stories that might otherwise disappear.

“Blockchain is a perfect tool to really lock in the real story from the family and get it out there without having any type of changes from the media or third party,”  

Cancino said.

The exhibition held almost 800 pieces of art, including sketches and original artwork. High-resolution image capturing tools scanned and later digitalized all the artwork. 

This year was the third edition of Metaverse Art Week. The content was divided into three categories: Contemporary Art World, Web3 Art Spaces, and digital Artists & Communities. One of the contributors to this year’s Art Week was the Ukrainian Meta History – Museum of War, a charitable NFT project that displays facts about the current war in Ukraine.

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