MetaMundo expands its marketplace for metaverse-ready 3D models

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MetaMundo has introduced the latest version of its 3D model marketplace.

Some updates include new explore page and categories, an updated immersive viewer, more than 80 new 1-of-1 models from the world’s top metaverse creators, and a new bidding process.

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The first curated 3D NFT marketplace for the metaverse, MetaMundo, has announced its latest upgrades.

The platform has added over 80 new models to its marketplace from the “Creators of the Metaverse,” a group of 50 of the best metaverse artists in the world, which was unveiled last month.

Collectors can now explore and choose 3D models from the following categories: Architecture, Galleries, Furniture, Houses, Fashion, Sculpture, and others. 

The platform attempts to center around interoperability and has added additional metaverse platforms to its growing list of compatible spaces. MetaMundo’s 3D models can now be implemented on 22 platforms, including Decentraland, Roblox, Unreal Engine, OnCyber, Spatial, VRChat, Somnium Space, Unity, and Ravel, among others.

In addition, collectors can preview their chosen metaverse home, event space, or gallery or select a sculpture or piece of furniture by exploring the model in real-time using MetaMundo’s new immersive viewer. As the platform explained, users can “walk around the model with an avatar to see how it would look in the metaverse and inspect it up close.”

This feature allows collectors to have a first-hand experience of the models, similar to how it would be in the metaverse. The available models include works from talented metaverse architects, designers, and artists, such as kuba_hyperliving, Sara Hayat Design, Ahmed Partey, and Nils Hanssen.

Finally, MetaMundo unveiled a new bidding process that allows users to make their first bids on a model, with a 24-hour reserve auction triggering immediately.

MetaMundo, based in the British Virgin Islands, launched its 3D NFT marketplace in July. The company creates 3D models that can be used to build and design virtual spaces on metaverse platforms. 


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