Louis Vuitton NFT Scam Alert

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A scam Louis Vuitton account was created on OpenSea targeting NFT whales. 

The creator of it has ‘followed’ the LVMH game, coming up with the ‘Official collection of 30 exclusive Vivienne’ from the game. 

The OpenSea page of the collection looks pretty credible, featuring a blue tick mark, high floor price and the function of minting on the website. Initially though the mint price was at 0.12 ETH, while the floor on secondary market was already 26.7 ETH. Moreover, the volume traded is at 0.00 ETH, which doesn’t feel right. 

More than that, the NFTs were airdropped into the wallets of some notable influencers. 

On April 27th, some individuals were seen minting the scam Louis Vuitton NFTs. Afterwards, valuable non-fungible tokens were stolen from their accounts. 

Previously, the ‘real’ Louis Vuitton has dropped a collection of PFP-like NFTs for its mobile gaming app, Louis: The Game. The app was first introduced in April 2021, celebrating 200 years from the birth of Louis Vuitton. Within the game, the users can collect up to 30 NFTs designed exclusively by digital artist Beeple. These tokens are locked within the game and cannot be traded on any marketplace. 

The players that have collected a certain number of NFTs within the game were eligible for the raffle that took place in August 2021. The users had a chance to win one of the ten NFTs that feature Vivienne, the game’s avatar. The character’s NFTs, dressed up in different looks, could be traded across multiple platforms as a PFP.

The game app is available on App Store and Google Play. 

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