John Legend’s NFT Platform ‘Oursong’ Raised $7.5 Million in a Seed Round

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NFTs are an exceptional tool for artists to sell their art and connect better with their fans. John Legend noticed the potential of NFTs for creators and, in February 2022, released OurSong – an NFT platform that enables creators to turn their music, art, stories, and photographs into NFT trading cards known as ‘Vibes.’ 

Our Happy Company, which created the NFT platform, announced raising $7.5 million in a financing round led by Web3 giants Animoca Brands and Ventures Crypto. The funding will secure global expansion and new feature implementation on the OurSong app.

Animoca Brands aims to support companies “building the open metaverse” and sees OurSong as a platform elevating “creators to greater levels of individual success.”

John Legend's OurSong app

The famous American singer and producer co-founded the platform for musicians and entertainers to earn money without needing to hassle with the technicalities behind digital assets. OurSong not only helps artists to monetize their creations but also allows them to build communities. It’s also a mobile app that facilitates NFT trading, permitting purchases with credit cards. Though transferring NFTs into MetaMask or crypto wallet is also available. 

Other well-known figures working on the NFT project include the co-founder of Twitch, Kevin Lin, and the CEO of music streaming service Kkbox, Chris Lin. 

“We’re focused on democratizing NFTs for the masses. This round of financing validates our approach and the success we’ve had in such a short time. Since OurSong launched earlier this year, we’ve seen a community quickly grow on the platform as creators harness this technology to engage with their fans in new and unique ways,” said Chris Lin, co-founder, and CEO of Our Happy Company.

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