Gmoney.eth joins comedian Leah Lamarr for Internet Game Season 2: Bear Market Battle

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Gmoney.eth joins comedian Leah Lamarr for Internet Game Season 2: Bear Market Battle

Anonymous crypto celebrity gmoney.eth announced on Twitter this week that he and comedian Leah Lamarr will host the next season of Internet Game, a Web3 game show with NFT-enabled audience participation. Taking off this September, the online event’s second season centers around the idea of a “Bear Market Battle,” at once drumming up enthusiasm for a tide shift while killing time until the market turns. Participants will compete for blue chips NFTs like Cryptopunks as trophies.

“Their Season 1 debuted earlier this year with $1.1M in prizes including BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, Azukis, etc.,” gmoney wrote in his Twitter announcement. “The consensus from those who played was that it was one the MOST fun things they had ever done in web3.”

Internet Game’s simple site says, “We create massive multiplayer games using web3 technologies to make the Internet more fun.” They call Season 1 “a Squid Game-like 5 game battle royale with 7,000 players and blue-chip NFT prizes” and declare that “games are the way to drive mass adoption of any new technology.” This mini-game saga is Internet Game’s way to encourage Web3 proliferation–and have some fun in the process. 

The cost for entry to Season 2 (just like Season 1) is an NFT–a clever idea at this moment where utility is everything in new collections. There are two options–the Game Token and the Metaverse Access Card.

The regular Game Token listed on their site comes with the following description: “The Level 1 Internet Game pass, minted by all players in Season 1. Game Token holders get safelist and/or discounted access to all of our games & drops.” The OpenSea page for this option lists 8,000 Game Tokens available, with only 1,100 owners. The average Game Token currently goes for 0.9 ETH on average, equivalent to $1,440.

Metaverse Access Cards created by Internet Game bring a bit more utility. “The Level 2 Internet Game pass, given to the 500 winners of Season 1,” their site reads. “The MAC grants free access to all future Internet Games + exclusive airdrops & whitelists.” As such, MACs are a little rarer and a little more expensive–550 Metaverse Access Cards dropped on OpenSea, and there are 428 owners listed. 

Even though Internet Game only gifted these digital artifacts to Season 1 winners, you can cop one on resale. It’ll cost you about 1.5 ETH–or $2,400–at least, though. Act fast. 

What’s new in Season 2? Well, Internet Game has put so much stock in gmoney’s star power that he gets his own stop on their roadmap–which is, surprisingly, only in its second stage. Since Season 1, gmoney mentioned on Twitter, “they’ve ​​raised $5M+ from top-tier web3 & gaming investors, hired ten people, and concocted an incredible live Season 2 experience where you’ll see me like never before: in full body motion capture.”

Will he remain anonymous with that kind of tech involved? It might be worthwhile to grab a game pass to get a better glimpse at this Web3 icon, who has over 278,000 Twitter followers and currently works as a general partner at Delphi INFINFT, “a fund built with crypto research and investment firm Delphi Digital that is dedicated to investing in NFT projects,” according to Fortune. The Puerto Rico-based karaoke fan catapulted to crypto fame when he paid 140 ETH for a Crypto Punk NFT, calling it a “flex.”  

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If Leah Lamarr looks familiar, you might recognize the internationally touring talent as a recent face of the Clubhouse app icon. The Queens, NYC-born comedian is also a regular feature at HaHa Comedy Club & Supernova, where Sarah Silverman has cracked jokes. In addition, Lamarr earned hosting credits on E! ‘s “What the Fashion,” along with “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

“When I met the team, I invested immediately because they’re doing exactly what web3 needs to achieve real adoption,” gmoney tweeted, “making it actually fun.” Between his star power and Lamarr’s humor, Internet Game Season 2: Bear Market Battle has the potential to be an absolute blast.

“Bored in the bear market?” gmoney asked, “Come play games with me instead. You may just end up becoming a fellow Punk owner.”

We’ve given you everything you need to get started. See you in September. 

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