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What is NFT Creator?

NFT creator is a person or tool that creates digital NFT with or without coding. NFT creator has new tools that allow you to simply submit photographs and obtain an artistic rendition of them in minutes. The NFT creation software has also created templates for paintings, doodling, pixelated images, apes, and so on.

What is NFT Creator?

Understanding NFT Creator

Every day in the crypto space there are news about the creation of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) by large companies and celebrities. At the same time, many assets can be sold at fabulous prices.
One of the features of non-interchangeable tokens is that anyone can create and put up for sale such an asset.
To create your own NFT token and sell it, you need to go through several steps. We offer to get to know them better:

Step #1 – create a “filling” for the NFT token
To create an NFT, you first need to find or come up with something original – something that can be “digitized” into a non-interchangeable token format. Otherwise, if the content of the asset is not original, the idea will lose its meaning, since no one will pay for not fresh content and what others already have.

Step #2 – we are looking for a platform, creating and exposing an NFT token
All the functionality for creating non–interchangeable tokens and their implementation is available on a number of popular marketplaces, including one of the most popular – OpenSea, which we took as an example. Most of the sales on the platform are conducted in the auction format. Let’s analyze the process of creating your own NFT and its implementation on OpenSea step by step:

  • First you need to go to the marketplace. The interface for creating an NFT is in the “create” field. Access to it is open only to users who have already registered on the platform through a crypto wallet, for example – MetaMask. Its system offers by default. If necessary, you can choose another one.
  • After authorization via the crypto wallet, you can go to the “create” section in the upper right corner of OpenSea. In it, select the “submit NFT” section.
  • Next, the “My Collections” field will open in front of the user with the “Create new collection” section, in which you should click on the “create” button. So your author’s collection of tokens will be created on the platform.
  • The system will open the “Create your collection” card. In it you will need to add the logo of the collection (the recommended size is 350 x 350), its name and description (up to 1 thousand characters) and click on the “create” button.
  • After the system creates a collection, the “Add items” button will appear on the screen. You need to click on it to download the material and “digitize” it into the NFT format. The system will also ask you to enter the name of the file, add its description and select settings. For example, you can enable the display of click statistics on NFT.

After completing the configuration, click on the “create” button. Next, the system will ask you to choose the action option “visit” (visit the collection) or “sell” (sell).

As you can see, the process of creating an NFT token is quite simple

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