Claude: The first ChatGPT competitor has arrived

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Although it is still in pre-release, examples of Claude’s work are already available

Watching the interactions between these two chatbots would be interesting

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The first ChatGPT rival has now arrived, and its name is Claude, a chatbot created by the startup AntropicAI. There are already examples of its work, even if it is currently in pre-release. And from what we can see, it quite measures up to ChatGPT or might be even better.

Claude: The First ChatGPT Competitor has arrived
Claude was compared to ChatGPT in a test to determine which can produce items whose names start with the letter “n” more accurately.
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For instance, they were both asked to contrast themselves to the computer in Stanislav Lemm’s Cyberiad. In this instance, Claude came up with some pretty impressive responses. But ChatGPT’s responses were simply bizarre.

It would be intriguing to see how these two chatbots interact with one another. Perhaps in the manner of a rap battle? That would certainly be one way to determine the clear winner.

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