British Army’s Twitter and Youtube accounts hacked to promote NFT projects

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Hackers compromised the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts this weekend to promote crypto projects. The Twitter account retweeted posts about NFT sales, while the YouTube account posted several cryptocurrency-related videos and interviews with Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. 

On Sunday, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Press Office tweeted about the breach and began investigating. The British Army regained control of its social media accounts four hours after the hack. 

Users shared screengrabs of the army’s Twitter account. As a result, over 363,000 followers were exposed to The Possessed and BAPESCLAN NFT collections and phishing links to steal from users’ wallets that promoted NFT giveaways. 

The creator of The Possessed NFTs, Tom Watson, claimed the information on British Army’s Twitter was fake and that it had no connection with the real NFT collection. 

In addition, the hacked account tweeted an inappropriate message, “We are attacking Pakistan.” The post was a provocative joke designed to get the attention of users. 

The army’s YouTube account (177,000 subscribers) was renamed “Ark Invest” and has now been disabled after the hackers deleted all the original videos. Ark Invest is also the name of an investment firm founded by Cathie Wood. The company is active on YouTube, with over half a million followers.

Crypto hackers often target high-profile Twitter accounts. For example, two years ago, the accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama were hijacked to promote a fake Bitcoin giveaway.

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