Top 100+ Crypto Influencers 2022: Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

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These are crypto influencers who have had an impact on the industry and can help you keep up-to-date

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There are many similarities between Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and cryptocurrencies. Both are relatively recent entrants in a long-established field, are heavily patronized by famous people, and may be quite lucrative if you know how to use the available resources.

The Top 100 Crypto Influencers who are improving the area have been gathered by the Metaverse Post Team. The influencers listed below can assist you if you’re searching for technical analysis, altcoin choices, or just pure, unadulterated amusement.

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The new social media platforms Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are sweeping the globe. The apps, which compete fiercely for users’ attention in the market, have been compared to a cross between YouTube and Snapchat. Let’s look at how these apps have been performing thus far because many people are curious about how they will impact the crypto community. With users spending an average of $15 million each day on the apps, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. The crypto market now enjoys a much-needed lift as a result of this.

The Top 100+ Crypto and Blockchain Influencers on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

Alex Mashinsky200k
Alexander Dreyfus200k
Anatoly Yakovenko200k
Andre Cronje12k
Andrew Bragg6k
Anthony Scaramucci1m
Anton Bukov25k
Antonio Juliano50k
Arianna Simpson700k
ASAP Rocky3m
Azealia Banks7k
Barry Silbert760k
Ben Armstrong900k
Benito Pagotto80k
Bob Loukas200k
Brittany Kaiser30k
Cara Jocelyn Delevingne9m
Cathie Wood1m
Cathy Hackl69k
Changpeng Zhao7m
Charles Cascarilla30k
Cuy Sheffield20k
Cynthia Lummis100k
Damien Hirst70k
Dawn Song25k
Devin Finzer70k
Diego Borgo2.7k
Elizabeth Stark150k
Ellen DeGeneres77m
Elon Musk107m
Emili Lang1k
Emilie Choi40k
Emily Ratajkowski1.5m
Erik Voorhees600k
Esteban Ordano12k
Gavin Wood365k
Hayden Adams230k
Jack Dorsey6m
Jake Browatzke21k
Joe DiPasquale1k
Joseph Lubin300k
Joseph Pallant4k
Kain Warwick100k
Kathleen Breitman20k
Keyt Moss200k
Kieran Warwick35k
Kizuna A.I.700k
Kris Marszalek200k
Kristin Smith24k
Layne Lafrance1k
Lindsay Lohan8m
Logan Theobald6m
Mark Cuban8m
Mark Yusko140k
Marwan Alzarouni10k
Matt Lorion40k
Matthew Ball108k
Meltem Demirors250k
Michael Egorov18k
Michael Sapir1k
Michael Shaulov1k
Mike Cussell40k
Mike Novogratz500k
Nayib Bukele4m
NFTs Guide140k
Paris Hilton16m
Pat Duffy3k
Peng Zhong20k
Raoul Pal1m
Rekt Capital300k
Rob Gronkowski3m
Robert Leshner100k
Roneil Rumburg8k
Sam Bankman-Fried800k
Samson Mow250k
Sandeep Nailwal200k
Sebastien Borget100k
Sem Benkman-Frid800k
Serena Tabacchi7k
Sergey Nazarov120k
Shon Kori Karter100k
Snoop Dogg20m
Soulja Boy5m
Stani Kulechov200k
Steve Aoki8m
Steven Kokinos18k
Su Zhu560k
Teodora Atanasova30k
The Crypto Dog750k
Tom Brady3m
Tony Hawk4.5m
Trung Nguyen30k
Vanessa Grellet10k
Vitalik Buterin4m
Vladislav Ivanov58k
Willy Woo1m
Yat Siu120k
Yoni Assia47k

We made a lot of adjustments to improve our model. The list we put up, from A to Z, is generated of the most significant figures in blockchain and cryptocurrency right now, based on editorial judgment or opinion.

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