The Sandbox and Fist of the North Star announce the upcoming manga-themed LAND

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The Sandbox partners with the owners and the creators of Fist of the North Star manga series

The companies will develop a themed LAND experience and release a set of NFTs.

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The Sandbox teams up with the owners of “Fist of the North Star,” Coamix Inc., and Minto Inc. to release the “End of the Century” LAND.

“Fist of the North Star” is a well-known manga and anime franchise created by author Takeru Takemono and artist Tetsuo Hara. The piece is popular among Japanese and international readers and is one of the best-selling series of all time, with a total global circulation of over 100 million copies.

The gritty action story is set at the turn of the century and follows Kenshiro, a master of Hokuto Shinken, as he battles evil in a violent post-nuclear world.

The Sandbox and Fist of the North Star announce the upcoming manga-themed LAND
The Sandbox

So, the collaboration aims to bring the post-apocalyptic world of the manga series into The Sandbox metaverse. The upcoming LAND will let players experience the brutal world of “Fist of the North Star” in a new way.

The companies also plan to produce and sell non-fungible tokens to enhance the LAND. In addition, The Sandbox will give away limited-edition NFTs to manga fans. The company has not shared the details of the drop yet. 

“I am looking forward to seeing the world of the manga “Fist of the North Star” come to life in the new gaming metaverse. It’s a little strange to be a voxel, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Kenshiro and the rest of the Hokuto characters come to life and run wild,”

said the author of Fist of the North Star, Tetsuo Hara. 

The Sandbox is known for its exciting partnerships with organizations, brands, and celebrities. Only in the second half of 2022 the metaverse developer introduced collaborations with Playboy, The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Forbes, Gucci, and many other noted companies. 

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