Forbes hosts a member-exclusive metaverse event in The Sandbox

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In partnership with Polygonal Mind, Forbes is organizing a virtual event for its members in The Sandbox.

The event takes place on November 10, attendees had to reserve tickets (which come as wearable NFTs) before November 1.

The metaverse event will organize challenging quests, include Forbes’ mementos, and the Forbes Highlander Yacht as a place for interactions.

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forbes metaverse

Forbes members are invited to a virtual event hosted in The Sandbox metaverse. The event starts today, November 10, and aims to offer more engaging opportunities to Forbes members and subscribers.

To enter the metaverse, Forbes members will receive a wearable NFT as the entrance ticket. The Forbes Metaverse will showcase an NFT gallery featuring NFT billionaires, “fictional virtual investors with enormous theoretical portfolios and a virtual net worth based on live New York Stock Exchange Pricing.”

In The Sandbox x Forbes experience, members can interact with each other and play in a quest to discover different areas of the metaverse property, including a bar, a DJ booth, and a dance floor. Attendees can also visit the Forbes Highlander Yacht, which hosted famous figures, including Paul McCartney, Elizabeth Taylor, and Henry and Nancy Kissinger in the 1980s.

Vadim Supitskiy, CTO of Forbes, sees the metaverse as a medium to engage with members worldwide: “We envision this space to be a place where our community will convene, make new connections, learn, discover new ideas, entertain and have fun.”

The Forbes metaverse experience was designed by Polygonal Mind – a creative development studio focused on building the metaverse and creating NFTs.

Forbes’ subscribers should be familiar with Web3: The American business magazine has a whole section dedicated to Web3, Forbes Digital Assets. Forbes minted its first NFT, a magazine cover featuring Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, in April 2021 and auctioned it as a digital artwork. This was succeeded by five other covers from the Forbes 2021 Billionaires magazine issue. 

In March, Forbes held the Forbes Digital Assets & Web3 Summit. In April, the magazine revealed its virtual Billionaires NFT drop, which was created in collaboration with the FTX crypto exchange. 

The media company is hosting a virtual event, the Forbes Wealth Summit, on December 6.

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