Sylvester Stallone Launches ‘PlanetSly’ NFT Collection to Celebrate 50-Years in Hollywood

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American actor Sylvester Stallone announced his first dive into the NFT world with the ‘PlanetSly’ collection. The drop, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, celebrates Stallone’s life and career and includes 9,997 digital assets inspired by his long love of art and comic books. 

The NFTs offer exclusive opportunities for Stalone’s fans, including interacting and meeting with Sly himself. The Hollywood actor will sign 25 rarest NFTs. Holders of three SlyGuy NFTs will be able to attend The Ultimate Stallone Experience, Dinner, and Afterparty, where Stallone will share astonishing stories about his film career. 

“I love connecting with my fans. We’ve been together for 50 years and we’re tight. I’m so excited to tell you about SlyGuys, a cool NFT collection. Every NFT is unique and has over 200 incredible attributes, like boxing gloves and crazy weapons, or even my large dog,” Stallone introduced his NFT collection on Instagram. 

To create SlyGuy NFTs, the movie icon closely worked with renowned artist Clark Mitchell, who has collaborated with Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and other celebrated names.

‘PlanetSly’ said they will contribute to non-profit environmental organizations.

The sale will take place on in April 2022. 

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