Reddit partnered with VaynerNFT to create an NFT guidebook

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The American discussion website Reddit partnered with VaynerNFT for an NFT guidebook, “The ABCs of NFTs Playbook.”

VaynerNFT was established by businessman, media mogul, and YouTuber Gary Vaynerchuk. In the past year, he has produced more and more content about NFTs and is considered an NFT influencer. 

“The ABCs of NFTs Playbook” was created thanks to Reddit’s NFT and crypto community. First, thousands of users participated in surveys and shared their knowledge on the topic. Then, VaynerNFT put the information together. 

“NFT might have been 2021’s Word of the Year, but only a tiny fraction of the world’s population owns an NFT…so far. In this handy guide, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of the Non Fungible Token Market – and hopefully, get inspired to start your own NFT collection,” says Avery Akkineni, the President of VaynerNFT. 

The Playbook is aimed at beginners in the space. It is 42-pages long and is divided into six sections. Among these are “a brief history of NFTs,” “NFT like I’m 5,” “The 7 types of NFTs,” “The value of NFTs,” “NFT launch playbook,” and “The NFT community on Reddit.” 

“The ABCs of NFTs Playbook” also features opinions from industry leaders, including Sandra Helou, Sanchan Saxena, Nikhil Kumar, and Tiago Amaral. 

Individuals can download the Playbook for free.

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