Roneil Rumburg, FCo-founder and CEO of Audius

Roneil Rumburg, FCo-founder and CEO of Audius

Roneil Rumburg firmly believes that censorship-resistant technology is essential. His early interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain was sparked by a firm belief that technology holds the solution to independence from a centralized power. In line with these ideals, Roneil established the decentralized music streaming service Audius to assist musicians in regaining ownership of their work.
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Audius, which is based on both Ethereum and Solana, has increased its monthly listenership from 500,000 in 2020 to over 7 million in 2019. With many of them supporting its token-based approach to music streaming, it is currently most popular among EDM musicians. Audius enables musicians to develop their own economic models using cryptography. This shields artists from modifications to corporate contracts that can influence their share of the profits.

As a Los Angeles native, Rumberg holds a special place in his heart for music. He frequently went to EDM clubs to listen to his favorite artists. He intended to contest the limiting rules of restricted platforms like SoundCloud by creating Audius. Rumberg graduated from Stanford University with a degree in computer science with a systems concentration. Additionally, he previously co-founded the peer-to-peer Bitcoin payment firm Backslash.

In 2022


In an effort to “bring more money and financial instruments into artists’ hands,” Audius wants to take on monetization in 2022. In 2020, Audius stated that this move was in the early stages of development and provided details on its 90-10 monetization strategy. In addition, Audius released the album art-based Audius Visualizer in late January. “The neighborhood asked, and we listened to you,”

EDM band duo The Chainsmokers revealed that it aims to post the music it performs live, which it wouldn’t normally do on traditional music outlets, anticipating licensing complications when it finally joins the platform. Top electronic music artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 are already members of Audius, and more are anticipated to sign up as the platform’s listenership grows.

On the Untold Stories podcast hosted by Charlie Shrem, Rumberg discussed the future of streaming and mentioned that Audius is developing tools to assist users who are not crypto natives with onboarding. According to Rumberg, it’s critical to offer various services based on the user’s level of technological proficiency.

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