Paris Hilton, American film actress, singer, songwriter, fashion model and designer.

Paris Hilton, American film actress, singer, songwriter, fashion model and designer.

Since the 2000s, when Paris Hilton was one of the first celebrities to popularize the selfie and the Y2K look, she has always aimed to be the first in every trend. People do not bestow the titles of the cult cryptocurrency queen on the celebrity for nothing, and the trend for crypto tokens is no exception.

Personal Brand Presence7/ 10
Authoritativeness4/ 10
Expertise4/ 10
Influence8/ 10
Overall Rating5/ 10

Paris Hilton and well-known designer Blake Catherine collaborated to launch the NFT brand. Together, they produced Hilton’s first collection of non-fungible tokens, which she later sold for a total of more than $1 million (here we should mention that Paris sold tokens before, but did not make it public).

Paris Hilton also introduces NFT to the real world in addition to creating, selling, and investing in crypto art. Ether Reum and Crypto Hilton are the names of her two new pets. Given this information and the fact that Hilton has produced a number of additional tokens, it is safe to say that she is somewhat fixated on the cryptocurrency world.


In tandem, Paris Hilton and Andreessen Horowitz have invested in Story Protocol, a blockchain technology designed to prevent copyright violations and deepfakes. The platform aims to provide irrefutable proof of intellectual property ownership using blockchain technology, which produces immutable records.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton are entering the cryptocurrency space, which is rapidly increasing the industry’s appeal. Recruiters have a great opportunity to reach industries that would not typically be interested in blockchain technology.


A journalist recently questioned Paris Hilton about the causes of her intense interest in the NFT and everything associated with them. She retorted that the reason was that she like new things, especially areas that allow for human creation. Paris is a major proponent of the democratization of art and the fact that anyone can now produce art and profit from it. It’s difficult to disagree with the last remark because, whereas common people cannot sell their paintings for millions of dollars at a Sotheby’s auction, this is achievable on bitcoin trading floors.

Additionally, we must not overlook the fact that “Crypto” Hilton gave 40 ETH to the charity after selling one of her

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