Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur and TV personality

Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur and TV personality

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban is well recognized for his participation in the reality television program Shark Tank, where businesses present their goods in an effort to win finance. Among other businesses in the film and entertainment sectors, Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise as well as the production company 2929 Productions.

Personal Brand Presence9 / 10
Authoritativeness10 / 10
Expertise9 / 10
Influence9 / 10
Overall Rating9 / 10

Cuban is a well-known supporter in the industry and frequently promotes cryptocurrency in public, while not being directly involved in developing blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. He likes learning about new ideas and the cryptocurrency industry.

In 2022


By promoting smart contracts through his many properties over the course of the upcoming year, Cuban hopes to replace traditional business practices with them.

Cuban, who calls himself a “Ethereum maxi,” thinks that Ethereum will triumph over Bitcoin despite competition from other networks to create useful apps and smart contracts.

With its planned layer-2 solutions and applications and the network’s switch to a proof-of-stake consensus process, Ethereum will demonstrate to the world that it is a more trustworthy store of value than Bitcoin, despite Cuban’s assertions to the contrary.

If not, Cuban will probably invest more money in NFT-related projects in 2022. There is no reason why the investor shouldn’t continue to spend a few hours each day researching the numerous firms operating in the cryptocurrency industry in the coming year.

Cuban invests in a variety of altcoins, including Dogecoin, but he isn’t as committed to them as he is to Ethereum. Cuban claims that buying altcoins is an excellent way to gain experience because he only wants to gain knowledge of the market. He’ll probably stick to that motto as more resources come into play, especially with the growth of Web3.

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