Dawn Song, Co-founder and CEO of Oasis Labs

Dawn Song, Co-founder and CEO of Oasis Labs

Dawn Song describes herself as a serial business owner. Song is not just a co-founder and CEO of Oasis Labs, but also an electrical engineering and computer sciences professor at UC Berkeley. She has spent 15 years as a professor at UC Berkeley. Song graduated from Tsinghua University with a B.S. She also graduated with an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University and UC Berkeley, respectively.
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Song is also a member of the Berkeley DeepDrive, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, and the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, all of which are located at UC Berkeley. Deep learning, computer security, privacy, blockchain security, and applied cryptography are some of the topics she researches.

A number of security and privacy innovations in networking, software, smart contracts, distributed systems, and other areas have been studied and developed by Song. Numerous honors and accolades have been bestowed upon her, including a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Sloan Research Fellowship, an NSF-CAREER Award, an MIT Technology Review TR35 Award, and a Faculty Research Award from Google, IBM, and other major companies.

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The Song’s Oasis Ecosystem Fund, which is presently valued at $200 million after rising from $160 million in 2021, has received the support of Binance Labs, the venture capital division of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The fund continues to draw interest from VC firms and DeFi builders alike and works on a number of initiatives in Web3, DeFi, and cross-chain capabilities. Binance Labs joins other venture capital firms, including Jump Capital, Draper Dragon, Dragonfly Capital, and Hashed, that are supporting the Oasis Ecosystem Fund.

YuzuSwap, the first DEX on Oasis Network, reached $100 million TVL in just its first day of operation and saw $323 million in trade volume. Emerald, the Oasis Network’s smart contract platform, served as the foundation for YuzuSwap.

The most recent guests on Song’s “Fireside Chats” broadcasts from 2022 included DeFi celebrities Christopher Giancarlo, Kevin Chou, and Jeremy Allaire. Song is anticipated to promote the Oasis environment to a wider audience while continuing to be active on Twitter and in public speaking.

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