NFT project World of Women introduces the WoW Awards

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World of Women will host an IRL event in Miami on December 1

NFT holders can participate in the “WoW Awards” by nominating themselves

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NFT project World of Women has announced the upcoming yearly Gala and the WoW Awards. 

The Gala is the largest World of Women IRL event. This year, it will take place at Art Basel Miami and is scheduled for December 1. Additionally to the celebration of Women, the Gala grants NFT holders the possibility to participate in the “WoW Awards.” Community members can submit nominations for one of the eight categories until October 19. 

World of Women

“Imaginative art” is reserved for holders that have created derivative WoW artworks. Individuals that have developed products around the World of Women NFTs can participate in the “Innovative use of IP” category. The “Creative storytelling” award is reserved for the community writers, while “Community building” is dedicated to the holders representing the project in real life. Additionally, The Awards feature such categories as “Digital fashion and design,” “Impact in Web3 education,” and “Web3 for good,” which includes sustainability and social justice topics. 

“We recognize that our community is filled with talented individuals that are aligned with our mission and we want to reward you for it. All WoW fam members are encouraged to nominate, campaign, and participate in this process,”

states the brand in a blog post. 

World of Women is a female-themed collection of 10,000 PFP-styled NFTs designed by Yam Karkai. It was launched in July 2021 and has become a blue-chip NFT project thanks to a great marketing strategy and partnerships with Web2 companies and celebrities. In June this year, World of Women introduced several collaborations. First, the company released a branded limited-edition Monopoly game in partnership with Hasbro. Then, WoW partnered with decentralized digital fashion house The Fabricant to create a 27-piece fashion collection

On June 23, the World of Women hosted a Pride party in New York City. The event featured pop icon Madonna, who also owns a WoW NFT. 

The current floor price of the genesis collection is 2.38 ETH (approximately $3,115 at the time of writing). 73K ETH of total volume was traded. 

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