Metaverse Post x Cryptomeria Capital: Research Partnership

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We are happy to present our first Mpost DAO contributor: Cryptomeria Capital.

Cryptomeria Capital is a crypto fund backed by blockchain industry experts. The firm believes decentralized projects, cryptocurrencies, and Web 3.0 will dramatically reshape economic relations and focuses on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology and crypto assets. Cryptomeria Capital supports transformation by providing early-stage financing for ambitious projects in a rapidly developing industry.

Exclusively for, Cryptomeria Capital will publish reports by an in-house team of analysts, giving our users an expert take on:

  • Metaverse projects analysis 
  • Exclusive peek into crypto VC behind the scenes
  • Macro Outlook: How traditional market influences crypto?
  • Cryptocurrency market overview and predictions
  • Metaverse Market Analytics

Field Partnership

Cryptomeria Capital participates in lots of crypto events – conferences, networking parties, hackathons, and more. This allows Metaverse Post to tap into this network and provide first-hand coverage of these events.  Soon, Metaverse Post will give you even more news about cutting-edge tech developments and future trends.

Editorial Note

Metaverse Post editorial is completely independent. Cryptomeria Capital’s views do not reflect the views of Metaverse Post. 

About Metaverse Post

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