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Netflix Series “Black Mirror” Creator Used ChatGPT to Write an Episode
News Report Technology
Black Mirror, the acclaimed anthology series on Netflix, has gained widespread recognition for its exploration of digital ...
by Agne Cimermanaite June 07, 2023
Blush: Replika’s New AI-Powered Dating Simulator That Helps Users Hone Relationship and Intimacy Skills
News Report Business
Luka, the parent company of AI companion Replika, has launched a new AI-powered dating simulator, Blush. The ...
by Cindy Tan June 07, 2023
Nike’s Virtual Sneaker Studio RTFKT Signs With Talent Agency CAA to Explore New Mediums for Its IP
News Report Business
Nike-owned virtual sneaker studio, RTFKT, has signed with talent agency CAA to expand its IP into film ...
by Cindy Tan June 07, 2023
Meta’s Instagram Is Rumoured to Launch AI Chatbots With 30 Personalities
News Report Business
Instagram is rumored to be introducing AI chatbots for a more engaging experience. Leaked images suggest these bots will ...
by Agne Cimermanaite June 07, 2023
Web3 Gaming Studio Argus Raises $10M Seed Round Led by Haun Ventures
News Report Business
Web3 game developer and publisher Argus has raised $10 million in a seed round led by Haun ...
by Cindy Tan June 07, 2023
Metaverse platforms Decentraland, Spatial, and Roblox are ready to host the first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week. The experience ...
by Valeria Goncharenko June 07, 2023
Horizen Has Collaborated With Ankr to Enhance the Accessibility and Scalability of EON
News Report Business Technology
Horizen, a prominent layer-1 blockchain, has formed a strategic partnership with Ankr, a web3 infrastructure and cross-chain ...
by Nik Asti June 07, 2023
Zoom Launches AI Meeting Summaries
News Report Business
Videoconference giant Zoom has released ZoomIQ, a suite of features developed to streamline virtual collaboration using generative ...
by Valeria Goncharenko June 07, 2023

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Generative AI is Set to Power the Cars of Tomorrow
Opinion Technology
The emergence of generative AI has brought with it great new opportunities across a wide range of ...
by Damir Yalalov June 07, 2023
The Advent of Digital Fashion
Opinion Art Technology
In a world of billions, personalization is how consumers claim things for their own. This personalization has ...
by Anastasia Drevinskaya June 05, 2023
Are Most Aliens Actually AI? Exploring a New Perspective on the Fermi Paradox
Opinion Technology
A different perspective on the Fermi paradox suggests that the majority of extraterrestrial life forms may be ...
by Damir Yalalov June 05, 2023
Jeff Hinton Explores Two Paths to Intelligence and the Dangers of AI in Recent Talk
Opinion Technology
In a thought-provoking talk titled “Two Paths to Intelligence,” renowned AI researcher Jeff Hinton presented his insights ...
by Damir Yalalov June 02, 2023
VR Industry’s Moment: What to Expect in Meta Quest Gaming Showcase and Apple’s WWDC23? 
Opinion Business
Today kicks off the grand event for Meta: The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023. The event will ...
by Agne Cimermanaite June 01, 2023
A Critical Look at Generative AI’s Carbon Footprint
Opinion Technology
AI-powered chatbots and image generators run on thousands of computers in data centers worldwide. These data centers ...
by Damir Yalalov May 29, 2023
The Pros and Cons of Harnessing Generative AI for Your Business
Opinion SMW Technology
Generative AI has taken the world by storm and is being featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes” and ...
by Damir Yalalov May 23, 2023
How AI Will Shape Our Lives by 2030
Opinion Technology
AI could change the world by 2030 by helping with the energy crisis, adding trillions to the ...
by Damir Yalalov May 23, 2023
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Paris Hilton has launched her first avatar drop in The Sandbox, featuring 5,555 avatars inspired by her fashion ...
by Agne Cimermanaite May 31, 2023
Cybersecurity Expert Discusses How to Build Trust in Web3 Gaming
Interview Markets SMW
Web3 technology offers novel approaches to game creation, distribution, and monetization. However, blockchain is not immune to ...
by Agne Cimermanaite May 31, 2023
Zach Hirsch, the 21-year-old CMO of Mozverse, is making waves in the web3 space with the web3 ...
by Cindy Tan May 29, 2023
Marieke Flament On Leading NEAR Foundation’s Mission Towards an Open Web Future
Interview Business SMW
Born in France, NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flement is a computer engineer whose illustrious career has spanned ...
by Cindy Tan May 26, 2023
Work3 Institute’s Deborah Perry Piscione & Josh Drean Discuss the Future of Work in the Web3 Era
Interview Business SMW
The way we work is on the brink of a major transformation, thanks to the rapid evolution ...
by Sergey Medvedev May 24, 2023
Optic Founder & CEO Andrey Doronichev Discusses the Impact of AI on Content Authenticity and the Future of Digital Media
Interview SMW Technology
With a lifelong passion for connecting content creators with their audiences, Andrey Doronichev’s career has been dedicated ...
by Sergey Medvedev May 23, 2023
Magic Eden’s Tiffany Huang & Chris Akhavan Shed Light on Solana’s Current State and Web3 Gaming Challenges
Interview Business
In a whirlwind journey since its launch in September 2021 as a Solana-focused NFT marketplace, Magic Eden ...
by Cindy Tan May 22, 2023
SkinGPT Unleashes the Power of AI for Personalized Skincare Transformations
Interview Business
In the world of skincare, innovation has taken a giant leap forward with Haut.AI and its groundbreaking ...
by Agne Cimermanaite May 19, 2023
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9 Best ChatGPT Lifehacks to Improve Your Daily Activities
AI Wiki Technology
Whether you’re seeking insightful answers, creative ideas, or assistance with various tasks, ChatGPT can be your virtual ...
by Agne Cimermanaite June 07, 2023
15 AI-related Stocks to Watch 2023
AI Wiki Markets
The recent buzz surrounding artificial intelligence has sparked a boom in AI-related stocks. Investors increasingly recognize the ...
by Cindy Tan June 06, 2023
The search for the next big platform to rival Twitter is gathering traction in a quickly expanding ...
by Damir Yalalov June 01, 2023
In an increasingly digitized world where human interaction is often limited to screens and devices, a profound ...
by Cindy Tan May 31, 2023
Five Major Game Software Providers for Crypto Slot Games
Crypto Wiki Business
Introducing crypto slots has helped to hasten the acceptance of virtual currencies in the online gambling industry. ...
by Damir Yalalov May 30, 2023
AI Black Box: What It Is and How It Works
AI Wiki Technology
For many, the term “black box” refers to recording devices in planes that are valuable for postmortem ...
by Damir Yalalov May 29, 2023
Top 10 AI Games to Play in 2023
AI Wiki Technology
Artificial intelligence may have become an explosive topic lately, but AI games have been around for several ...
by Cindy Tan May 25, 2023
Top 30+ Anticipated AI StartUps in 2023
AI Wiki Business
As we reach the halfway point of the year 2023, the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in ...
by Nik Asti May 25, 2023
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EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) finished in phenomenal form this year with over 3000 participants from 68 ...
by Gregory Pudovsky June 07, 2023
Seoul, South Korea – METACON 2023, Asia’s most prestigious conference dedicated to Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, ...
by William Savage June 05, 2023
In an unexpected turn of events, luxury smartphone Brand Vertu took the lead in integrating ChatGPT into ...
by Damir Yalalov June 05, 2023
Abstract: On May 27, 2023, the Wiki Finance Expo Singapore 2023 kicked off with great enthusiasm at ...
by Damir Yalalov June 02, 2023
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Stockholm, Sweden, June 7th, 2023, Chainwire ChromaWay to Integrate Blockchain Capabilities into BLK DNM, Pioneering Connected Fashion, ...
by chainwire June 07, 2023
Uwerx (WERX) Presale At Phase 5 While Lido DAO (LDO) Dips as Celsius Withdraws $800 Million
Sponsored Markets
As the Uwerx presale reaches an exciting milestone, investors eagerly anticipate the next phase. Meanwhile, Lido DAO ...
by Gregory Pudovsky June 07, 2023
New York, United State, June 7th, 2023, Chainwire Breaking barriers in the decentralized cryptocurrency mining sector, WOW ...
by chainwire June 07, 2023
Singapore, Singapore, June 7th, 2023, Chainwire BinaryX today announced their plans to expand into Virtual Reality (VR) ...
by chainwire June 07, 2023
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