MakersPlace Introduces a “Phygital” NFT Category

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NFT marketplace MakersPlace launches a new “phygital” NFT category

The category already featured drops by James C. Mulligan, Fake-up, Vakseen, GoldiesNFTart, and Lee Ellis.

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NFT marketplace MakersPlace has announced the launch of a new category called “phygitals.” Notably, this is the first-ever phygital category on an NFT marketplace.

The launch of this new category is in response to the growing trend of “phygital” experiences often provided by NFT collections. Projects often provide physical items as benefits for NFT holders, making the collection phygital. For instance, Jeremy Fall’s Probably Nothing has recently launched an NFT collection that grants holders access to IRL goods. Fashion brands also tend to create real-life items backed by non-fungible tokens that enable the authentication of the product. 

Speaking of art, the phygital category can enable artists to provide their collectors with both NFTs and physical artworks. 

“Phygitals add another incredible layer of connection between the creator and the collectors and bring an exciting new art form to the NFT market. We see the opportunity for unlockable offerings to go far beyond Phygitals over time, and this category is only the beginning for us,”

said the CEO of MakersPlace, Craig Palmer.

The category is already live on the platform. At the moment of writing, it features collections by James C. Mulligan, Fake-up, Vakseen, GoldiesNFTart, and Lee Ellis. Later this week, users will also have the opportunity to mint tokens from Léo Caillard and Loupy D. Starting from Feb. 28, the marketplace will feature collectibles by James Mulligan. At the beginning of March, artist Javier Arres will drop his phygital NFTs. 

To introduce the new category, MakersPlace partnered with the phygital store-focused platform Aioray, which enables creators to link physical items to unlockable non-fungible tokens. Together, the companies developed a seamless way to enable NFT holders to access physical assets. 

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