Cult&Rain Announces the Upcoming Drop of its Phygital Hoodie Collection

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Cult&Rain announces the drop of its NFC-enabled phygital collection, available starting from March 15

The collection will include 401 high-quality hoodies backed by NFTs

Holders will get access to a list of perks and have a chance to receive limited-edition sneakers.

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Cult&Rain Announces the Upcoming Drop of its Phygital Hoodie Collection

Luxury fashion brand Cult&Rain announces the upcoming drop of its phygital collection developed in partnership with DressX and LTD.INC. 

The brand’s third release, dubbed “DROP 002,” aims to bring the future of luxury fashion into web3. Cult&Rain links the two aspects of fashion by introducing physical garments backed by digital assets.

“DROP 002” includes 401 high-quality physical hoodies in four colors, with mixed graphic prints and Cult&Rain’s logos. The brand experiments with augmented reality and artificial intelligence to bring fashion items to a new level, with the designs featuring AI-generated prints inspired by Japanese Sci-Fi and the retro-style 1980s. 

Cult&Rain Announces the Upcoming Drop of its Phygital Hoodie Collection

For this release, the company used near-field communication chip technology to tie the IRL items with NFTs. So, each hoodie is embedded with an NFC chip and is paired with an animated non-fungible token. The NFC chip technology is powered by LTD.INC, which will launch its phygital marketplace in the fall. 

The technology allows the brand to verify the product’s origin and unlock additional digital experiences for hoodie owners. “DROP 002” owners will receive access to various perks: behind-the-scenes production, exclusive video content, rewards, and brand updates. In addition, customers will get 3D AR wearables provided by the digital fashion marketplace DressX. For some, the perks do not end here. Owners of the rare tier “DROP 002” tokens will also receive matching Made-in-Italy sneakers, exclusive airdrops, discounts, and VIP access to the brand’s ecosystem. 

The collection will be available for purchase on OpenSea starting on March 15. Notably, the rarity tier and the edition will be revealed after the mint.

“We’ve spent the last 3 years building and perfecting our “phygital” technology to make it incredibly easy for brands and artists to create blockchain-authenticated products. With DROP 002, we’re excited to show the world how blockchain technology is going to change the fashion world forever. CULT&RAIN is the premier luxury fashion brand in the web3 space and we believe their products combined with our leading NFC/NFT technology will set new industry standards and be a landmark drop in both web2 and web3 markets,”

said the Founder & CEO of LTD.INC,  Daryl Kelly. 

In October 2022, Azuki’s engineering team introduced a technology similar to NFC chips. Named the “Physical Backed Token,” it enables users to transfer digital ownership of physical items when gifting or selling them. 

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