Gucci Partners with BAYC Creators Yuga Labs

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Luxury fashion brand Gucci partners with Bored Ape Yacht Club creators Yuga Labs.

Gucci will participate in the development of the Otherside metaverse and 10KTF narratives.

The partnership kicks off this week.

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Gucci partnership with bayc's Yuga Labs

Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci partners with Yuga Labs, the studio behind the blue-chip NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club. The collaboration aims to explore “the intersection of fashion and entertainment in the metaverse.”

According to the announcement, Gucci will play an active role in the Otherside metaverse, Yuga Labs’ virtual gaming platform. In addition, the luxury brand will participate in the development of the ongoing narrative of 10KTF, a non-fungible token collection featuring one-of-one NFTs and corresponding accessories. 


Not much information about the partnership has been shared yet. However, the companies will probably showcase Gucci’s logo and signature style in various ways during the game. For instance, we can already see that brand’s name placed on the Otherside jars. 

The partnership will reportedly kick off this week.  

“We are excited to unveil this multifaceted partnership with Yuga Labs, a leader, and creative pioneer in web3. This will give us an active role in Otherside and 10KTF’s continuing narrative, unfolding in multiple forms,”

said the Chief Executive of Gucci Vault & Metaverse Ventures, Robert Triefus.

With this collaboration, the luxury brand markets itself to the wealthy BAYC, MAYC, 10KTF, Otherside NFT holders, and gamers. 

Gucci’s “Good Game” collection aimed at gamers.

It’s worth noting that Gucci has previously partnered with 10KTF to create digital clothes for avatars in the metaverse. The collection, dubbed “10KTF Gucci Grail NFT,” included 5,000 profile picture-styled tokens inspired by Gucci’s Aria and Love Parade collections. 

The brand’s web3 initiatives also include its presence in Roblox and The Sandbox metaverses and a collaboration with the NFT company Superplastic. More than that, Gucci accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in selected American stores. 

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