Gucci creates a Town in Roblox

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Gucci creates a Town in Roblox
Gucci Town on Roblox.

Italian fashion house Gucci announced the creation of its town on Roblox. 

Gucci continues to evolve its marketing strategy with the Metaverse presence. In fact, it’s not even Gucci’s first collab with the online gaming platform Roblox. In January 2021, the brand introduced a digital Roblox Gucci Garden. It proved to be vastly popular. More than 20 million users visited the garden last year, even though it was only available for two weeks. The company also partnered with SUPERPLASTIC to create an NFT collection. 

Selected Gucci stores began accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment in May 2022.

Now, individuals can now visit Gucci’s virtual town on Roblox. Gucci Town features a garden in the center of the space, which links different areas together. 

Space for mini-games includes three contests where users can earn GG Gems. The virtual store allows players to try on and purchase clothes for their Roblox avatars. Gucci uses the new Roblox layer clothing technology to make items look real.

“The starting point when designing the experience has always been the community,” said Gucci’s EVP of new businesses, Nicolas Oudinot. 

Vault Plaza invites individuals to discover unique art pieces and learn about the fashion house’s heritage and artisanship. Users can take photographs and connect with others while in the Gucci cafe. Sounds like a dream place.

The game is already available in the Roblox store

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