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Woman wearing a VR goggle in colorful environment
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What is a VR game?

Virtual reality (VR) games are video games that allow players to experience a 360-degree, simulated environment. They can be played on devices such as smartphones, computers, or gaming consoles. Players use special headsets to immerse themselves in the world of the game. These games can be divided into two broad categories: seated and standing.

Such games can be used for training and education, as well as entertainment purposes.

Understanding VR Games

Virtual Reality games are a still-new genre of video games that use virtual reality headsets to create an immersive experience.

VR gaming benefits include accurately simulating other environments and activities. Examples include racing simulators and first-person shooters. Immersion is what makes VR gaming so popular; it feels like you’re there.

Downsides to VR gaming include cost. The headsets can be expensive, anywhere from $200-$600 USD. Comprehensive graphics also require a great deal of computing power to work properly and those can be cost-prohibitive as well. Some people may also find the experience uncomfortable or even nauseating after extended use. This is pretty much the same as motion sickness but if it occurs in a VR game it is known as simulator sickness.

VR gaming could soon be one of the most popular genres in video game history.

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