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Image of new OpenBCI headset for use in VR

What is a VR company?

Virtual reality (VR) is an industry that creates digital environments that allow users to experience simulated realities. These simulations can be used for gaming, education, training, or marketing purposes. A virtual reality company, for example, might create a program that allows people to visit different parts of the world without leaving home. They could also create a game where players can battle aliens on another planet or solve mysteries in an immersive, realistic environment.

Examples of VR companies include large tech companies like Microsoft, Meta, and Google, all corporate entities with multiple irons in the fire. Examples of companies that focus more closely on both virtual and augmented reality (digitally-enhanced real-world environments) include:

Understanding VR companies

Both virtual reality and augmented reality have a wide range of applications and the companies focused on them reflect this. For example, AppliedVR states that it offers “virtual reality-based therapeutics for chronic pain management.” Supernatural, however, isn’t about hunting ghosts in VR — it’s a fitness company, offering “Exercise in the most beautiful places on Earth without leaving home.”

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