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What is Anarcho-capitalism?

Anarcho-capitalism (or, colloquially, ancap) is an anti-statist libertarian political philosophy and economic theory that seeks to abolish centralized states in favor of stateless societies with private property systems enforced by private agencies, the non-aggression principle, free markets, and a right-libertarian interpretation of self-ownership that includes control of private property as part of the self. Anarcho-capitalists believe that in the absence of statute, society tends to contractually self-regulate and civilize through participation in the free market, which they refer to as a voluntary society.

Understanding Anarcho-capitalism

Anarcho-capitalism combines two of the most divisive positions to take: anarchism and laissez-faire capitalism. Anarcho-capitalism is a political system predicated on the complete privatization of society within a market. Anarcho-capitalism is simply 100% pure capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists advocate the abolition of the state and the privatization of all aspects of society.

The simple premise that not everything can be privatized and must be held by the state is a common critique of anarcho-capitalism. This concept is fundamentally wrong. How are public goods and state-owned property funded? These public and government-owned items are paid for by the taxpayer. This means that all so-called public products are actually privately held by the taxpayer.As a result, everything can be operated through a private mode of production and through voluntary trade and funding, and everything that is currently controlled by the state can be privatized if the people’s will requires it. To put it simply, everything that is currently a state-owned public good may most certainly be held by the private sector.

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