Thomas Edison’s inventions take the form of NFTs

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Edison light bulb. Photo by Daniel Reche.

Edison Science Museum partners with private collectors to issue an NFT collection of Thomas Edison’s inventions. 

“Chamsori Edison NFT” features 1,000 tokens of real physical inventions. The NFTs will be minted on OpenSea and other marketplaces. NFT holders will become physical owners of Thomas Edison’s historical inventions, which revolutionized the contemporary world. Edison discovered electricity, changed communication, and developed sound recording solutions and motion-picture cameras. 

“Chamsori Edison NFT” collection includes the first light bulb, a stock certificate of Edison Corporation, and a phonograph. The NFTs will feature an artificially restored version of Edison’s voice which will describe each item in the collection. 

The project aims to advocate the historical importance of Thomas Edison’s contributions to science. 

The official partnership for the creation of NFTs was established between David Son, the CEO of Luckmon, Song Myeong-Seok, the CEO of Morrowbogi, Chamsori Gramophone Museum, and Edison Science Museum.

Song Myeong-Seok is known as the largest private collector of Edison’s inventions. His collection includes 150,000 music albums, 5,000 gramophones, and 5,000 versions of lightbulbs, phonographs, and electric vehicles. More than that, Myeong-Seok owns one of the three existing companion charging stations for electric vehicles. 

The Chamsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum in South Korea hold the biggest collection of Edison’s inventions in the world. 

The official release date of the collection has not been announced yet. 

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