Fidenza creator Tyler Hobbs launches a new NFT project

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The creator of the Fidenza NFT collection Tyler Hobbs and generative artist Dandelion Wist launch a new NFT project, dubbed “QQL.”

To start, the creators have rolled out a platform that permits users to generate their own non-fungible tokens. To do so, individuals need to sign up with their wallets and set up the traits of their future artworks. 


Following, on September 28, Tyler and Dandelion will launch a dutch auction of 900 Mint Passes for the QQL artworks. According to the website, the price will start at 50 ETH and will decrease every minute. The auction will last for one hour, and every user will pay the lowest price for the pass at the end.

On a side note: The creators will reserve 99 tokens for future surprise collaborations and charitable causes. 

The minting itself begins on September 30. Token holders will be able to mint new NFTs whenever they want to, as there will be no time limit. 

“We want collectors to view their engagement as an adventure and make a creative contribution to the art. Adding a curation step by the collector also allows the generative algorithm to take more risks and explore a more interesting potential output space. We trust collectors to seek out and identify the truly special outputs that emerge. With this approach, the collector is now the curator,”

states the website of the project. 

Tyler Hobbs is a Texas-based visual artist that works with algorithms, colors, and plotters. His NFT collection Fidenza, released in June 2021, has gained massive attention among NFT collectors and the community. The floor price of the collection is currently 85 ETH (approximately $114,750 at the time of writing). 

Dandelion Wist is a software engineer that has previously co-founded the open-source software project SourceCred and a marketplace for generative NFTs,

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