Dodoor NFTs: Is the currently #1 NFT collection on OpenSea a scam?

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Dodoor NFT collection currently ranks first in 24-hour trading volume on OpenSea, surpassing all blue chip NFT collections.

The collection’s trading volume has grown by over 1,541% in 24 hours.

Unlimited Dimension is the creator of Dodoor NFTs.

The project shows a few red flags which indicate that the Dodoor collection can be a scam.

Update: in several hours, the floor price went down from 2.5 ETH to 0.19 ETH.

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dodoor nft

The Dodoor NFT collection is ranked first on OpenSea, but it looks like no one has ever heard of or talked about it in the crypto community. According to the largest NFT marketplace, Dodoor trading volume has increased by over 1,541% in 24 hours and reached 478 ETH (currently $617,576). The unknown collection went from a 0.05 ETH mint price to a 2.05 ETH floor price (+570% increase in seven days). Dodoor has a total trading volume of 2,057 ETH. 

dodoor nft
Source: OpenSea

The 1,000 Dodoor NFTs were released by Unlimited Dimension (UDVerse) – “an unlimited world that is created for extinct animals where they are able to survive like humans.” The founders of Unlimited Dimension are keeping their identities hidden by only revealing their first names on the official website, which is a red flag.

The Twitter account of Unlimited Dimension has 127.7K followers but very low engagement on its posts. Most followers must be bots because the account’s posts receive very few likes, which doesn’t happen on highly followed profiles. When searching for Dodoor NFTs on Twitter, the feed is full of spam giveaways.

No known wallets have purchased the NFTs, and many seem to be unnamed and relatively new (a few months old). The holders of most Dodoors don’t own any other NFTs. 

It seems that the Dodoor collection is a case of market manipulation rather than a genuine NFT project with long-term goals. There are several ways to avoid NFT scams; researching an NFT project thoroughly before investing is the most crucial way to stay secure in the NFT space. 


Dodoor NFTs aren’t featured in OpenSea’s rankings anymore. The floor price dropped to 0.19 ETH in several hours, which indicates that the collection is a scam. NFT collectors are disappointed at OpenSea for verifying a suspicious NFT collection and allowing it to rank first for many hours.

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