Crypto Leaks unveils new platform to ID scams

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Crypto Leaks unveils new platform to identify scams and corruption in the crypto world

Crypto Leaks has unveiled a new platform that will protect web3 users from scams and corruption that plague the crypto space at the present. The platform will strive to expose these scams and in turn, protect the crypto communities that are vulnerable to an increasing number of crypto attacks and scams

Crypto leaks are already on the road to exposing scams

Crypto Leaks has already exposed two cases of scams in the crypto community. The first two cases in the project reveal the events that led to the enigmatic price movement and attack on ICP token investors. Before the debut, the price was managed via an instrument called ICP-PERP that was traded on FTX. Shortly later, the New York Times published an article quoting Arkham Intelligence, a fictitious agency set up with one goal in mind: to derail the project. As a result, cryptocurrency investors have suffered multi-billion-dollar losses. 

The second case is set to be exposed in the upcoming months as well. 

Terra Luna has sent ripples and shockwaves across the cryptocurrency world, reigniting suspicions of market manipulation. Because of a lack of evidence, most speculations remain just that. This is something that Crypto Leaks is attempting to change.

The premise behind the platform is that by bringing light to these fraudulent campaigns in the crypto world, honest communities can be protected.

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