Createra raises $10 million from a16z to develop a gaming metaverse platform 

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Createra secured a $10 million Series A funding round from crypto investor Andreessen Horowitz.

The platform has a community of 15 million users, mainly consisting of Gen Z users.

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Createra raises $10 million from a16z to develop a gaming metaverse platform 

Metaverse project Createra has announced a $10 million Series A funding round led by prestigious crypto investor Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The funds will be used to continue developing the Gen Z-focused metaverse platform. 

Createra is a metaverse engine based on user-generated content (UGC), which allows creators to create and play MetaFi games while making friends online. 

“Createra’s powerful cloud-based web engine makes it incredibly easy to develop multiplayer games with web3 features,”

said a16z general partner Connie Chan. 

The platform is created for users and by users, giving its audience a change to have a direct impact on how it looks. Users can enjoy Web3 features like cross-play and instant accessibility through Createra’s on-chain games. The platform has an unlimited player capacity, and everything created or built on it is tradeable, including games, models, APIs, and more. 

Createra also uses NFT technology. Through the platform’s creator system, players can monetize their creations, convert them into NFTs, and distribute them on the market. 

Createra’s main demographic target is Gen Z, with a user base of nearly 15 million, of which half a million are creators. Just from Asia alone, the platform receives 1.3 million average monthly users. 

The project has already had a significant impact on the young generation for the last six years. The platform encourages collaborative creation, which lowers the programming threshold and reduces barriers for new users. Some that started out experimenting on the platform have since become game designers in large companies.

Rion is a 15-year-old team leader in Createra. His team consists of both elementary and high school students, each having a specific role in creation. 

“Createra’s map editor is like a game version of Google Docs! Everyone creates simultaneously, and the experience is more fun and efficient!”

he said. 

Another creator from the U.S. spoke about the ease of use of the platform and its compatibility features:

“We can quickly post our work and share it with our friends with one click, and they can open it with one click on their phones or any electronic device.”

Createra aims to become the Web3 communal experience where everyone learns and creates.


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