Classical music NFT startup Living Opera launches Magic Mozart NFTs and Living Arts DAO

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Web3 multimedia startup, Living Opera, releases Mozart-themed NFT collection.

The NFTs have utility, and the holders will contribute to the Living Arts DAO, a decentralizing grant-making ecosystem.

The 1,791 NFTs will launch today.

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Source: Living Opera

Classical music NFT platform Living Opera releases its first large-scale collection, Magic Mozart NFTs. The NFT collection includes 1,791 unique NFTs based on the music and image sources of the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his composition of “The Magic Flute,” which debuted on September 30, 1791, 231 years ago. 

The historical Mozart NFTs contain an original melody composed on-chain through a dice game called Muskalisches Würfelspiel, attributed to Mozart. The NFTs are launching today, September 30, on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. More information can be found here.

The multimedia art-technology startup was founded by Greek-Canadian operatic soprano Soula Parassidis, American operatic tenor Norman Reinhardt, and professor, entrepreneur, and social scientist Christos Makridis.

Holders of the Magic Mozart NFT will also benefit from utilities, such as early access to other Living Opera music and art NFTs and a chance to win a paid trip to Soula Parassidis and Norman Reinhardt performances in Athens, Greece and Valencia, Spain. Holders can also win a guest appearance in an upcoming documentary in Greece.

Funds from the NFT sale will be dedicated to the launch of the Living Arts DAO, which aims to bring practitioners and classic music lovers together to build and fund artists.

Christos Makridis, the COO of Living Opera, said blockchain brings transparency and accountability to arts philanthropy, and the team is creating a DAO to support music artists. The Living Arts DAO “opens a frontier of possibilities to remunerate artists and connect them with philanthropists so both sides grow and learn.”

In addition, Living Opera offers a new micro-grants program to “bring revitalization and inspiration to a generation of emerging artists and pioneer a new genre of NFTs for philanthropic causes.”

“The way we have funded the arts, especially in opera, over the last several decades has not changed much, but our research finds that individual artists have experienced wage stagnation and/or decline. NFTs provide a way for people to directly support the artists they love, and receive rewards, access to special content, and participate in global artistic communities via the blockchain,”

said the CEO of Living Opera, Soula Parassidis.

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