Clarins Launches an NFT Collection and Immersive AR Experiences

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Beauty brand Clarins launched an NFT collection of 325 tokens that give holders access to exclusive benefits.

The company will also release an AR filter for Instagram.

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Clarins Launches an NFT Collection and Immersive AR Experiences

French multinational skincare company Clarins drops a set of NFTs and immersive AR experiences created in collaboration with digital artists Ada Sokół, Ines Alpha, and ALTAVA Group. The release aims to celebrate the launch of the “Clarins Precious” skincare line.

The NFT collection, eponymously named “Clarins Precious,” features 325 tokens co-created in collaboration with Sokół. The artworks showcase the Moonlight Flower, an ingredient used in Clarins’ luxury beauty line. The central object of the collection is a time-reversing hourglass, which stands for the time-suspending properties of the Moonlight Flower. Notably, the images transform over time. 

The NFTs will grant holders access to exclusive rewards, such as personalized consultations, virtual experiences, and Clarins Precious products. The collection also features four ultra-rare non-fungible tokens that unlock special rewards.

The company chose the Polygon blockchain for this release. Individuals could mint the tokens on Clarins’ website and can now find them on the eco-friendly marketplace Magic Eden.


In addition to the NFT collection, the brand will release Augmented Reality filters for Instagram. Called “As Rare As You,” the filters get inspiration from nature and technology. Interestingly, the experience mimics the blooming of the Moonlight Flower and will only be available during the “magic hour.” Individuals will have a chance to try the AR filter starting March 21. 

“At Clarins, the trusted professional beauty brand, we love to speak up about our love of nature, and the passionate pursuit of sustainability, and we see an infinite potential of possibilities in the evolving Web3 world to create meaningful connections with our consumers. We are excited to unlock these new frontiers of beauty,”

said Clarins’ Global General Manager, Katalin Berenyi.

Clarins is not the first beauty brand to launch an NFT collection. In January this year, NYX Professional Makeup announced its beauty DAO dubbed “GORJS,” and 1,000 NFTs. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty released its second NFT collection, dedicated to the brand’s iconic fragrance Black Opium. 

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