Balmain to release The Non-Fungible Thread

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Balmain to release The Non-Fungible Thread

Balmain and MINTNFT have announced the release of The Non-Fungible Thread project. 

Co-founder of MINTNFT James Sun and the Creative Director of Balmain Olivier Rousteing shared the news during the opening of Balmain’s store in New York on May 12th. 

Balmain is a French couture fashion house. MINTNFT is an NFT minting platform and marketplace. It helps many brands get into the Web3 space, making the minting process easy. 

The fashion house has already experimented with NFTs several times. In December 2021, the company released NFTs of sneakers that included VIP experiences. In January 2022, MINTNFT and Balmain released the Balmain x Barbie NFT collection. The artworks were the first ones to be sold on the platform. 

This time, the companies partner to create an NFT that will mark the journey of Balmain within the Metaverse. The non-fungible tokens will be changing over time. MINTNFT is using Ripple to mint the NFTs.

The holders of Non-Fungible Thread will grant membership perks along with the group of Balmain influencers. 

James Sun commented on the partnership: “In a world plagued by NFT speculation and plagiarism, our minting platform and strategic input help protect Balmain’s intellectual property and iconic legacy.”

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