AR platform Overly partners with OpenSea

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The augmented reality platform Overly has announced its partnership with the OpenSea marketplace. 

Overly is a DIY platform focused on the development of AR solutions.

It allows the users to create their AR without coding. OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces. It currently supports Ethereum, Solana, Klatyn, and Polygon blockchains.

With the collaboration, Overly users can add NFTs to their augmented realities. To do so, the individuals just need to copy the hyperlink of their digital assets within the 3D editor. This way, the NFTs would be visualized directly from the hosting platform. 

At the moment, Overly supports NFTs in such formats as GLTF, GLB, FBX for 3D files; and JPG, PNG and MP4 for 2D. 

The CTO of Overly, Gatis Zvejnieks, said: “So far, people could create, purchase and view AR NFTs through a specialist provider or not at all. Just because an NFT wasn’t minted on an AR-powered platform doesn’t mean people can’t bring it to their environment through augmented reality”.

Overly’s future plans are to connect the platform to a variety of NFT marketplaces, allowing the users to interact with digital assets within AR. 

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