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This article discovers the seven best artificial intelligence-powered essay generators: Sudowrite, Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, Perfect Essay Writer AI, Article Forge, ShortlyAI, and Essaybot.

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This article discusses seven best artificial intelligence-powered essay generators available in 2023: Sudowrite, Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, Perfect Essay Writer AI, Article Forge, ShortlyAI, and Essaybot.

7 Best AI Essay Generators

These platforms use the latest advancements in machine learning and advanced algorithms to help users generate comprehensive, well-researched essays that meet high standards of quality and originality. Whether you’re a student seeking help with assignments or a professional aiming to boost your content production, AI essay generators are changing the game in various fields.

It’s important to note that while these platforms can be helpful tools in the writing process, it’s essential to edit, review, and proofread the generated content.


7 Best AI Essay Generators

Sudowrite is an AI-powered writing platform that assists users in brainstorming, generating, and rewriting their text. Sudowrite uses GPT-3 to generate human-like text based on user input. By leveraging AI, Sudowrite streamlines the writing process, reduces writer’s block, and enhances the overall quality of the writing. The platform can even generate poems. 

The platform allows individuals to generate their “first draft” of 1,000 words by simply typing in a topic. Following this, the tool analyzes the user’s characters, tone, and plot arc and generates 300 words in a specific voice. According to the website, Sudowrite can produce content in over thirty languages by matching the user’s typed text.

Individuals can get a “Hobby & Student” package for as little as $10 per month. The pack gives users 30,000 AI-generated words. The next package, “Professional,” starts at $20 per month and allows writers to type 90,000 words. Then, the “Max” package offers 300,000 words per month for $100. 


7 Best AI Essay Generators

Jasper.ai is an AI-powered writing assistant and content-generation platform. The assistant enables users to generate essays and create engaging content by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning technologies.

Jasper.ai provides a range of features and functionalities to assist users in their writing process. For instance, creators can set a preferred tone of voice and choose from over 50 templates for their articles. More than that, the platform can create content in over 30 languages. 

The AI-powered platform also features art generation tools, a translator, and a chatbot to assist with daily tasks. 

The prices start at $39 per month for a “Creator” package, which offers one seat and unlimited AI-generated words. The “Teams” package, which costs $99 per month, includes unlimited words and three seats. Businesses wishing to get a pack with more seats can contact Jasper for custom pricing. 


7 Best AI Essay Generators

Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing platform that specializes in generating creative content. It utilizes advanced natural language processing models to help users with various writing tasks, such as writing articles, creating marketing copy, social media posts, and more.

To generate an article, users must enter their post’s title and keyword, select the tone, and set the goal. Then, they can review the outline and main talking points. Afterward, individuals can generate their first drafts, edit, and publish them. The platform also enables users to rewrite paragraphs and polish up sentences.

Copy.ai can also create and translate text into over 29 languages within seconds. Notably, the platform even supports such complex languages as Japanese and Chinese. 

Individuals can generate 2,000 words for free per month. For $36 per month, customers get unlimited words, five user seats, over 90 copywriting tools, and other features. 

Perfect Essay Writer AI 

7 Best AI Essay Generators

Perfect Essay Writer AI is an AI-powered tool that helps students streamline their academic writing process. The platform uses advanced algorithms to generate well-structured, engaging, and cohesive content, including essays, outlines, and even research papers. According to the website, the generated essays feature zero plagiarism.

Perfect Essay Writer AI offers several features to speed up and facilitate users’ writing processes. For instance, the platform provides an outline generator to help individuals create roadmaps with a few clicks. 

The platform will also soon offer a citation generator, an essay topic generator, a thesis statement generator, as well as a grammar and style checker. 

Notably, individuals can use Perfect Essay Writer’s AI-powered tools free of charge. 


7 Best AI Essay Generators

ShortlyAI is an AI-powered writing platform that assists users in generating written content quickly and efficiently. It utilizes advanced natural language processing models to help with various writing tasks, including essay writing. 

The platform can generate essays, blog posts, articles, summaries, and other types of written content based on prompts or input provided by the user. It supports multiple languages, enabling users to generate content and receive assistance in various languages.

The platform features a set of commands that allow users to rewrite, shorten, and expand their sentences instantly. Its intuitive interface is blank and clean, so individuals do not get distracted while writing.

Individuals can either purchase the annual plan and pay $65 per month or pay $79 monthly. Both packages include unlimited AI-generated words. 

Article Forge

7 Best AI Essay Generators

Article Forge is an AI-powered content generation platform specializing in creating unique articles. It can help users generate texts and write entire articles with the same quality as humans.

The platform aims to automate the content creation process and help users quickly generate articles on a wide range of topics. According to the website, Article Forge is the only tool to research, plan, and write long-form content automatically. Notably, the AI-powered platform can generate a 1,500-word article with a few clicks.

To start, users must insert their keyword, article length, and any instructions or optional customizations they consider necessary. In just a minute, individuals receive the ready article. 

There are two packages available on the website. The first one starts at $27 per month and includes 250,000 AI-generated words. The second, the “Business” package, includes over 500,000 words and custom user accounts. Interested individuals can contact Article Forge’s sales department to determine the price. On a side note, customers can get a free five-day trial before purchasing a package. 


7 Best AI Essay Generators

Essaybot is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist students and writers in generating essays, citations, and other types of long-form content. 

Essaybot utilizes natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret prompts or topics. To generate an article, users must type in a phrase, and the bot will finish the sentence in different ways. The platform also features a plagiarism checker that paraphrases users’ content to ensure its uniqueness. In addition, there is a grammar checker tool and a feature that can standardize MLA and APA citations at the click of a button.

Notably, registered individuals can download an unlimited number of essays for free.


In this article, we have discovered the seven best AI-powered essay writers available in 2023. While these platforms offer powerful artificial intelligence-powered writing features, it is important to note that writing essays typically involves a more comprehensive and structured approach. Essays often require in-depth research, logical organization, supporting evidence, and coherent arguments. AI-powered writing platforms may not always provide the same level of sophistication and should always be edited and proofread by a human. Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to ethical guidelines and avoid plagiarism by appropriately citing and referencing any external sources used.


Can artificial intelligence write essays?

Yes, AI-powered tools can generate essays and other long-form content. 

What is the best AI tool for writing long-form content and essays?

Several AI-powered tools can help you write an essay fast. Some of these are Sudowrite, Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, Perfect Essay Writer AI, Article Forge, ShortlyAI, and Essaybot. 

What are free AI essay generators available in 2023?

There are several free AI essay generators available in 2023. You can check out Essaybot, Perfect Essay Writer AI, and Copy.ai. In addition, Sudowrite, Jasper.ai, and Article Forge offer free-of-charge trial days. 

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