Unstoppable Domains announces new partnership to grant 82 million users access to .blockchain NFT domains 

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Unstoppable Domains announces new partnership to grant 82 million users access to .blockchain NFT domains 

Unstoppable Domains, a digital identity platform, announced its partnership with Blockchain.com to launch .blockchain NFT domains. Their plan is to grant nearly 82 million users of Blockchain.com wallets access to a free .blockchain domain. 

This partnership would be the first custom top-level domain and would enable users to use their digital Blockchain.com wallets to buy new .blockchain domains through Unstoppable Domains. Holders of the domain can even customize them as per their desire. Unstoppable Domains provides NFT domains that are minted on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain and have no renewal or minting costs.

The announcement was also released on their joint Twitter profile with a tweet promoting the launch of the new .blockchain domain ending. According to the tweet, the partnership is part of their larger mission to grant users a unique web3 identity and make it as commonplace as an email id. Holders of the free Unstoppable NFT domain can use it as a universal NFT wallet and streamline their login across web3. 

This recent announcement adds to the two companies’ existing history of collaboration. Unstoppable Domains, which launched in 2021, allows Blockchain.com wallet customers to send crypto to simple domains rather than long alphanumeric wallet addresses. Users can now send crypto to .coin, .bitcoin, .nft, .wallet, .dao, .x,  and.888 domains using their Blockchain.com wallets. 

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