ENS 3 and 4 digit domain names are in high demand

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Users of the Ethereum Name Service have been on a tear recently, buying up three and four digit domain names in an effort to anonymize and collect unique domains the Ether-backed name provider. On May 3rd, the cost of 4 digit numerical names surpassed 1.2 ETH (approximately $3,360), and the 3 digit names now go for at least 10 ETH (more than $28,000).

The ENS domain names can be purchased from the secondary market on OpenSea, or created on the official website. Users can then add data like personal websites and wallet addresses to the domains.

ENThe idea for ENS was proposed by Nick Johnson in 2016 and was then released in 2017. ENS is an open-source decentralized internet naming protocol. In simpler words, it is a web3 username, an address for decentralized websites, and a cryptocurrency address. 

As soon as the system was launched, native crypto users purchased words and brand name domains. Since it’s fairly easy to run out of in-demand words, domains consisting of numerals became more interesting. 

The users even created a community for the owners of 4-digit domain names within Twitter and Discord. Some of them claim that ENS is like your ‘passport across Metaverse,’ while others just admire numbers as something universal and collectable. 

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