Solana-based y00ts NFT collection introduces scholarship updates

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Solana-based NFT project y00ts has announced “y00ts scholarship” updates. 

y00ts is a collection of 15,000 NFTs developed by DeGod creators. Originally named Duppies, the tokens depict yeti avatars with different traits. The official mint of the collection starts on September 2, and the public sales mint price will be 375 $DUST (approximately $1,000 at the time of writing).


 In order to get access to the minting, users need to get on a so-called “y00tlist,” also known as “y00ts scholarship.” This system manages the whitelist of the project, providing individuals access based on their merit. 

Individuals that wish to apply for the “scholarship” to get a y00ts NFT need to connect their Solana wallets to the website. They then have to verify their identities using Twitter accounts and answer several questions about themselves. When the work is done, the project’s allowlist ”accepts” applicants based on their answers, keeping the list transparent and public. 

Additionally, the project has recently announced the option to edit one’s application. However, once the application is edited, it goes to the end of the queue. At the moment of writing, the project has already closed applications for the list. 

According to the website, developers behind the y00ts NFT project have opted for this mode of allowlist in order to build a community of “the coolest people in Web3.” For instance, social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk has already been accepted to the program. 


But as the Web3 space is well-known for its anonymity and privacy, how many actually cool Web3 people will wish to reveal their real identities even if they get y00ts nfts?

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