Researchers have developed VR headset for mice

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Mouse helmets help monitor animal behavior in virtual worlds

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A virtual reality helmet for mice based on the Raspberry Pi has been proposed by scientists. The research team intends to examine animal behavior in virtual environments.

The system comprises of two tiny SPI screens for showing graphics and a Raspberry Pi 4 CPU. Researchers use the Godot open-source game engine to create virtual worlds. The image on the displays aids in displaying a driver created specifically for this purpose.

Researchers have developed VR for mice

In addition, the researchers developed a spherical treadmill to take the place of the controller and assist the mice in moving about the virtual environment. The mouse is mounted on a soft ball that can freely scroll in all directions while being kept immobile and wearing a helmet. A sensor that tracks the sphere’s motion is located at its base. In order to control the camera in the game, the mouse moves the sphere while running.

Researchers have developed VR for mice

According to researchers, they utilized the tool to examine mouse behaviour in a virtual environment. The study’s findings have not yet been published, but the researchers said they will soon make the materials available.

The project is openly published in a GitHub repository and is publicly accessible. The software code and assembly instructions are available to users. All resources come with in-depth commentary.

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