Prada releases Timecapsule NFTs along with its apparel

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Prada’s Timecapsule collection

Prada has made another move into Web3. The luxury fashion brand will launch 100 NFTs along with its latest Timecapsule gender-neutral shirts. Buyers of the merch apparel will get a free airdrop of white or black capsule GIF NFTs.

The apparel collection was designed by Cassius Atticus Hirst, the son of the famous English artist Damien Hirst.

The NFTs will feature utilities, including early access to future mints and a VIP experience, yet more will be announced on the Prada’s new Discord channel, Prada Crypted. Each physical item has a serial number linked to a unique digital collectible. Even though the NFTs are gifted, owners are free to list them on secondary NFT marketplaces.

“Created in collaboration with Cassius Hirst, the Prada Timecapsule drop #30 features a once-off unique technical fabric shirt, available in both, black and white and decorated with Cassius Hirst’s signature mask and brain scan designs, both symbolizing unity and togetherness,” Prada described the collection.

In the second stage, all the owners of Prada’s Timecapsule collections (first released in December 2019) will be able to claim an NFT. The limited-edition collection launched as a monthly 24-hour sale, released every first Thursday of the month. 

Prada isn’t new to NFTs – the brand has partnered with Adidas to auction 3,000 community-sourced art NFTs on the Ethereum NFT marketplace SuperRare.

The Italian fashion label has also appeared in the gaming industry, revealing a Wingsuit on its Twitter account for a video game. Prada has partnered with gaming developer Ubisoft to integrate the fashion collection, Prada Linea Rossa, into Riders Republic.

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