Prada Announces the Release of its Tenth Phygital Timecapsule NFT Collection

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Prada’s new phygital Timecapsule NFT collection comes on March 2 at 3 PM CET

The fifty physical popeline shirts feature prints by Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini.

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Tenth phygital Prada collection

Luxury fashion brand Prada announces the upcoming release of its tenth TimeCapsule NFT collection. 

TimeCapsule is a monthly release that includes limited-edition physical Prada items backed by non-fungible tokens. The company started issuing phygital fashion NFTs at the beginning of 2022, but generally, TimeCapsule makes part of the Prada Crypted initiative, which was first introduced in December 2019. 

The new collection marks the final release of a three-part series of shirts featuring prints produced by Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini. Dubbed “Interferenza Ottica Art Print By Enzo Ragazzini,” the drop includes 50 poplin unisex shirts with printed photographs that Enzo took in 1969. The shirt also features a Prada-enameled triangle logo with a “MARCH” emblem on the back of the shirt. Notably, Ragazzini created the photograph using the rotating mechanical devices of his invention. The artwork was featured in the exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London – and TimeCapsule NFT holders can now wear it. 

Along with the physical item, NFT owners will get access to Prada Crypted community and closed Discord chats. 


The tenth TimeCapsule collection drops on March 2 at 3 pm CET. It’s important to note that the minting will only be open for 24 hours. 

At the beginning of February, Prada announced that the owners of Prada Crypted items issued before June 2022 could retrospectively claim the NFTs linked to their physical products. In March, the brand continues giving individuals a chance to do so.

Read more about Prada Crypted: 


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